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ACME Yugoslavia Express set 4

Well known italian manufacturer of model railway ACME shall release a 4th set of passenger cars on a wish from www.reisezugwagen.eu. The set will consist of the following cars:

  • Couchette car JŽ Bcl 51 72 59–70 202-8
  • 2nd class car JŽ Bl 51 72 20–70 202-4
  • 2nd class car JŽ Bl 51 72 20–80 781-5

The expected release of this set is in late december 2017 and for ordering please contact www.reisezugwagen.eu.

Locomotive DB 110-109 with train D295, Duisburg, September 2nd, 1989 (photo from www.reisezugwagen.eu)

Course table for train D295 Yugoslavija Express (photo from www.reisezugwagen.eu)

Sleeping car JŽ of type exUSTC

Heris Modelleisenbahn in cooperation with Danube Train Models (DTM) is announcing the release of two sleeping cars in scale H0. The cars are from epoche IVa, both have different numbers and are of type ex USTC, made originaly for the american army in Europe. Few of these cars came to Yugoslavian state railways of which two shall be represented as a model. Heris’ catalogue numbers of cars in scale H0 are

Art. 17048: WLaghnstt 50 72 60-19 692-2
Art. 17049: WLaghnstt 50 72 60-19 696-3

These cars will be available also in our shop. The exact release date is not known yet but You can preorder them by sending us an e-mail or using the contact form on our website!

JŽ Gdv (type Oppeln) preorder

Manufacturer ExactTrain and Danube Train Models are announcing a new model of goods wagon type Oppeln as JŽ Gdv in Epoche 3 H0 scale. The wagon is similar to the already released JŽ Gdov but it has added breaker’s house. The expected price for the car is 39 EUR. If You wish to secure Your model we invite You to send us an e-mail with preorder.

Risba JŽ Gdv

AlbertModell new models february 2017

AlbertModell is announcing new high sided open hopper cars of types Eaos/Eas/Eas-y in scale H0. There are available 2 single cars and 2 sets of 2 cars.

595005 H-MÁV Eas 31 55 595 0032-7, rev. 21.05.10 (40 EUR)


533002 H-GYSEV 32 43 5960 021-4, Rev. 08.06.10 (40 EUR)

500000 Set 2 hopper cars D-NACCO (78 EUR):

  • Eas 37 80 5421 068-7, Rev. 14.10.11
  • Eas 37 80 5421 120-6, Rev. 13.01.12

500001 Set 2 hopper cars D-NACCO (78 EUR):

  • Eas 37 80 5421 069-5, Rev. 28.10.11
  • Eas 37 80 5421 115-6, Rev. 31.01.12


The manufacturer has also some older models on stock (series Eas, Eams, Tams, Shimms etc) which You can also order.

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