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ACME Highlights 2023 (autumn 2023)

Italian model train manufacturer ACME presented a new catalogue Highlights 2023 (no. 27) on the fair Hobby Model Expo 2023 (September 22-24.  2023). Here are some news from the former Yugoslavia:

  • set 55074: IC Avala (reprint from several years ago)
  • set 55310: IC Avala additional set of 3 cars (1x restaurant, 2x passenger car 2nd class)
  • set 55132: IC Drava additional set of 2 cars (JŽ 1st class car type Z2, JŽ 2nd class car of type Y)
  • 52827: 2nd class SŽ car type Y

Pictures of these models are in the new catalogue ACME Highlights 2023 (no. 27).  You can already preorder the above models as well as all other models from the catalogue using web form on this site or via e-mail. At the moment we can’t say anything about the release dates.

AlbertModell tank cars 2023

Hungarian model railroad manufacturer AlbertModell just announced a new series of models of tank cars as well as two models for transporting cement in H0 scale. The later two have new body with ribs. Amongst tank cars one can find two models from Yugoslavia and Slovenia, JŽ INA and SŽ Petrol.
Here is the list of models, the estimated price with Slovenian VAT (22%) should be around 51 EUR:
  • 930002 H-PULT Uacs, ep. VI (car for transporting cement)
  • 930003 H-PULT Uacs, ep. VI (car for transporting cement)
  • 727001 ČSD Uah/Ra, ep. IV
  • 785016 CZ-RYKO Zas, ep. VI, blue tank car with grafitti
  • 785017 CZ-ČD Zas, ep. VI
  • 785018 SŽ Zas-z-bencin “PETROL”, ep. V
  • 788023 ČD  Zaes, ep. V
  • 788024 ZSSK Zaes, ep. V
  • 788025 HR-BMDM Zaes-z, ep. VI (ex HŽ tank car)
  • 788026 BG-PIMK Zaes-z, ep. VI (ex HŽ tank car)
  • 788027 JŽ Zaes-z “INA”, ep. IV
  • 790006 GYSEV Zakks “ENVIROCHEM”, ep. V
  • 790007 H-MMV Zakks, ep. VI “MMV”

The models should arrive in 2nd quartal of 2024. We already accept preorders (till september 30th 2023) via e-mail or the webform on this webpage.


AM727001 – ČSD Uah-Ra 31 54 727 0054-3

AM785016 -CZ-RYKO Zas 33 54 7854 057-8 “MOGUL”

AM785017 – CZ-ČD Zas 35 54 7850 376-4

AM785018 – SŽ Zas 35 79 785 0 214-8 “PETROL”

AM788023 – ČD Zaes 33 54 788 0 968-4

AM788024 – ZSSK Zaes 35 56 788 1 002-7)

AM788025 – HR-BMDM Zaes-z 31 78 7880 076-0

AM788026 – BG-PIMK Zaes-z 31 78 7880 087-7)

AM788027 – JŽ Zaes-z 35 72 788 0 554-8 “INA”

AM790006 – GySEV Envirochem Zakks 33 43 790 0002-2

AM790007 – H-MMV Zakks 37 55 7901 122-8

AM930007 – H-PULT Uacs 33 55 930 5 382-0

AM930008 – H-PULT Uacs 33 55 930 5 397-8


Tillig news autumn 2023

German model train manufacturer Tillig just released Autumn 2023 news catalogues. In it one could find some interesting models for the region of former Yugoslavia. These are HŽ postal car in H0 scale, JŽ postal car in scale TT and goods car JŽ Gms (so called Spitzdacher).

TI74982 – HŽ Post (H0)

TI16817 – JŽ Postl (TT)

TI14891 – JŽ Gms (TT)

TI77048 – CFR Interfrigo (H0)

Please check catalogues on this website for other news. Please send us Your (pre)orders using e-mail or webform on this website.

Tillig news for 2023

German manufacturer of model railways just announced catalogue of their nes for the year 2023. You can download catalogues from our website here. Amnogst these news You can find these models from the countries of former Yugoslavia:

Tillig 77011 (H0): SDŽ-CES open freight car type Jg with low sides and brakers house (estimated price 31 EUR)

Tillig 77040 (H0): JŽ Gmv 137424 refrigerator car with smooth sides (estimated price 41,50 EUR)

Tillig 16821 (TT): HŽ Post postal car (estimated price 60,10 EUR)

We already accept preorders throught the web form on this site or by e-mail. In the same way You can order any model from Tillig’s catalogues.

AlbertModell tank cars 5th series

Hungarian model train producer AlbertModell just announced a new series of Yugoslavian tank cars (Goša production) in scale H0. Amongst them are tank cars from Hungaria, Czechoslovakia, former Yugoslavia, Czech and Slovak republic, Croatia and Slovenia:

  • 737002 MÁV  .Uahs, brown/black, ep. IV
  • 737003 MÁV  .Uahs, brown/black, another number , ep. IV
  • 750001 MÁV HUNGARIA Ra, brown/black ep. III
  • 700004 CZ-RYKO Zas, grey/black, ep. VI, in set of 2 cars (785012+785013)
  • 785014 ČSD Zas, grey, ep. IV
  • 785015 SŽ Zas-z, silver/black, “PETROL”, ep. V (ideal for Roco cars SŽ 47375 and 46783)
  • 788017 CZ-RCO Zaes green, ep VI
  • 788018 CZ-AWTR Zaes grey, ep. VI
  • 788019 SK-ZSSKC Zaes green, ep. VI
  • 788020 JŽ Zaes-z, brown with logo “PETROL”, end of 1980s (ep. IV)
  • 788021 JŽ Zaes-z brown with logo “INA”, end of 1980s (ep. IV)
  • 788022 HŽ Zaes-z, brown, ep. V

Estimated price per model is 50 EUR and for a set 100 EUR. Ensure Your models with preorders, no later than November 30th 2022. Please send Your orders on our e-mail or through the web form on this site.

MÁV .Uahs 31 55 737 9 001-3

MÁV .Uahs 31 55 737 9 022-9

MÁV Hungaria Ra 7509590

CZ-RYKO Zas 33 54 7854 049-8 (Set 700004)

CZ-RYKO Zas 33 54 7854 131-1 (Set 700004)

ČSD Zas 31 54 785 0 191-1

SŽ Zas-7 Bencin 35 79 785 0 009-2 “Petrol”

CZ-RCO Zaes 33 54 7881 254-8 “ABTrans”

CZ-AWTR Zaes 33 54 7881 012-0

SK-ZSSKC Zaes 31 56 7881 725-7

JŽ Zaes-z Mazut 35 72 788 0 008-8 “Petrol”

HŽ Zaes-z Melasa 31 78 788 0 012-5

JŽ Zaes-z Nafta 35 72 788 0 551-4 “INA”

Tillig autumn 2022 news

Tillig just announced autumn news for 2022 in gauges H0, TT and smaler versions of gauge H0 (H0m, H0e). You can download the news from their website or simply clicking  – here.

Amongst these news I would like to emphasize the new reefer car with ribs, JŽ Gmv 137 048, in epoche 3, gauge H0.

Tillig 76812 - JŽ Gmv 137048

Tillig 76812 – JŽ Gmv 137048, ep. 3

This model should be avaulable in 4th quartal 2022, the suggested sale manufacturer’s price is 38,90 EUR. For this model as well as for other Tillig models we already accept (pre)orders.

AlbertModell tank cars 4. batch (MÁV, ČSD, ČD, SK, SŽ, JŽ, SRB, CG) and Pultrans for cement

Hungarian manufacturer AlbertModell announced today new H0 models of tank cars together with two cars for transporting cement. In this batch there are cars from Czech republic, Slovak republic together with a car from the former Yugoslavia, Serbia, Montenegro and as set of two cars from Slovenia. The announced cars are as follows:

  • AM737001 – MÁV Uahs,  ep. VI
  • AM785010 – SK-CARGO Zas,  ep. VI
  • AM788011 – CZ-CDCR Zaes, ep. VI
  • AM788012 – CZ-VADS Zaes ep. VI
  • AM962001 – ŽSR Ua-x, ep. V
  • AM748003 – JŽ Uahrrs-z Feršped, ep. IVb
  • AM788013 – SRB-ŽS Zaes-z (Serbian state railways), ep. VI
  • AM788014 – CG-MC Zaes-z (Montenegro state railways), ep. VI
  • AM700003 – set SŽ Zaes-z PETROL  (Slovenian state railways), ep. V (cars 788015 and 788016)  

And below are two hungarian private cars (Pultrans) for transporting cement which are often seen in Slovenia and travel on route Slovenia – Romania.

  • AM 932005 H-PULT Uacs, ep. VI
  • AM 932006 H-PULT Uacs, second number, ep. VI

At the time of writing the price for the set would be approximately 80,3 EUR + VAT while single model should cost 40,08 EUR + VAT. The models should be available in 2nd quarter of 2022. We accept preorders using the form on this site or e-mail until Tuesday, October 14th 2021 evening.

AM 737001 MÁV .Uahs

AM 737001 MÁV .Uahs

AM785010 - SK-CARGO Zas

AM785010 – SK-CARGO Zas

AM785011 - ČSD Zas

AM785011 – ČSD Zas

AM788011 - CZ-ČDCR Zaes

AM788011 – CZ-ČDCR Zaes

AM788012 - CZ-VADS Zaes

AM788012 – CZ-VADS Zaes

AM962001 - ŽSR Ua-x

AM962001 – ŽSR Ua-x

AM748003 - JŽ Uahrrs Feršped

AM748003 – JŽ Uahrrs Feršped

AM788013 - SRB-ŽS Zaes-z

AM788013 – SRB-ŽS Zaes-z

AM788014 - CG-MC Zaes-z

AM788014 – CG-MC Zaes-z

AM788015 - SŽ Zaes-z-MAZUT

AM788015 – SŽ Zaes-z-MAZUT

AM788016 - SŽ Zaes-z-MAZUT

AM788016 – SŽ Zaes-z-MAZUT

AM932005 - H-PULT Uacs

AM932005 – H-PULT Uacs

AM932006 - H-PULT Uacs

AM932006 – H-PULT Uacs


AlbertModell tank cars JŽ / HŽCAR / ŽFBH… batch 3

Earlier today we received an email from hungarian factory AlbertModell that in the 4th quartal of 2021 there shall be a new series of tank cars in H0 scale. In this batch there shall be some models from the republics of former Yugoslavia as well as some models from Czech and Slovak republic. Below is the list of these models and the livery drawings of them:

  • AM700001 – set JŽ Uahrrs-z PETROL ZŽTP Ljubljana ep. IV (vagona 748001 in 748002)  
  • AM700002 – set CZ-RYKO Zas “MOGUL” ep. VI  (vagona 785007 in785008)
  • AM785009 – BIH-ŽFBH Zas-z ep. VI, Zas-z
  • AM788008 – CZ-AWTR Zaes ep. VI
  • AM788009 – SK-LRL Zaes ep. VI
  • AM788010 – HR-HŽCAR Zaes-z ep. VI (druga številka kot v 1. seriji)
  • AM790005 – MÁV .Zakks ep. V

The prices should be similar to the current batch, so the set shall cost around 98 EUR while single model around 48 EUR. We are already accepting (pre)orders through contact form on this site or our e-mail until March 30th, 2021.


AM748001 JŽ Uahrrs-z Petrol

AM748001 JŽ Uahrrs-z Petrol


AM748002 JŽ Uahrrs-z "Petrol"

AM748002 JŽ Uahrrs-z “Petrol”

AM785007 CZ-Ryko Zas "Mogul"

AM785007 CZ-Ryko Zas “Mogul”

AM785008 CZ-Ryko Zas "Mogul"

AM785008 CZ-Ryko Zas “Mogul”

AM785009 BIH-ŽFBH Zas-z-z

AM785009 BIH-ŽFBH Zas-z-z

AM788008 CZ-AWTR Zaes

AM788008 CZ-AWTR Zaes

AM788009 SK-LRL Zaes

AM788009 SK-LRL Zaes

AM788010 HR-HŽCAR Zaes-z

AM788010 HR-HŽCAR Zaes-z

AM790005 MÁV .Zakks

AM790005 MÁV .Zakks


AlbertModell SLO-SŽ Zas set / JŽ, SRB-ŽS Zaes tank cars

Hungarian model company AlbertModell has announced a new batch of tank cars type Goša Zas/Zaes in scale H0. The models from this batch should come to the market at the end of August 2020 and in this batch there shall be models:

  • JŽ Zaes in black and white livery (ep. 5)
  • SRB-ŽS in brown-white livery (ep. 6)
  • Set of 2 SLO-SŽ Zas tank cars in silver-black livery (ep. 6)
  • New number of MÁV Envirochem (ep. 5)
  • New number for H-MMV
  • Tank cars for ŽSR, ČD

The price of each model is 49,90 EUR and 99,50 EUR for set (SLO-SŽ Zas). The models should arrive in october. Unfortunately we do not accept orders anymore.

SRB-ŽS Zaes 31 72 7880 406-5 (za prevoz melase)

JŽ Zaes 31 72 788 0 908-0 (za prevoz melase)

SLO-SŽ Zas 35 79 7850 002-7

SLO-SŽ Zas 35 79 7850 206-4

AlbertModell tank cars HŽ, JŽ, ČSD, ČDC, MÁV, ZSSKC

Hungarian model company AlbertModell notified us of releasing new models in scale H0. These are tank cars type Zaes (Yugoslav production) painted in liveries of JŽ (ep. 5), HR-HŽCAR (ep. 6), ČSD (ep. 4), CZ-ČDC (ep 6), SK-ZSSKC (ep. 6), MÁV (ep 5) and H-MMV (ep. 6). Estimated price of a model is 50 EUR and they should be available in june 2020. We already accept preorders.

AlbertModell 788001 CD-ČDC Zaes ep 6

AlbertModell 788001 CD-ČDC Zaes ep 6


AlbertModell 785001 ČSD Zaes ep 4

AlbertModell 785001 ČSD Zas ep 4

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