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ACME 55237, 55238 Mostar-Dalmacija

The train Mostar-Dalmacija express was one of many international trains that was connecting western Europe and former Yugoslavia. The route was Kardeljevo (nowadays Ploče, Croatia) – Stuttgart and had designation D296 and D297 on return trip from Germany. The train in 1989 consisted of 11 passenger cars mostly with home stations from Bosnia and Herzegovina. They had characteristic blue skirt. 

ACME announces 2 sets with 3 cars which should be on sale from November 2019. Estimated price od each set is 190 EUR and we already accept preorders.

Set 55237 consists of:

  • Couchette car
  • Car with 2nd class seats
  • Sleeping car

Set 55238 consists of:

  • Car with 1st+2nd class seats
  • Couchette car
  • Car with 2nd class seats of type Z2

ACME 55237,55238 Mostar-Dalmacija
ACME 55237,55238 Mostar-Dalmacija set, prototype

ACME 55129 – Hellas-Istanbul set 2

Italian manufacturer ACME just announced the Hellas-Istanbul set 2 should be available soon. This set consists of 3 passenger cars in scale H0:

– sleeping car from OSE (Greece) of type WLABmh
– couchette car from BDŽ (Bulgaria)
– seating car from JŽ (Yugoslav railways) with seats of 1st and 2nd class

The exact release date is not know at the moment but You can (pre)order it for 195,00 EUR through the webform on this website.

Hellas Istanbul set 2

Hellas Istanbul set 2 (foto ACME)

ACME 52843 JŽ couhette ep. V

ACME announced that a model of JŽ couchette car with three colour stripes along the car is now available. The revision of this car is from 2000 and thus it is from Ep. V. The car used to be in international trains, for example it was driving through Croatia and Slovenia in IC Sava.

The model is available in our shop, we accept orders through webform or e-mail. The price is 64,50 EUR.

AC52843-JŽ Bcl ep. V (foto ACME)

AC52843-JŽ Bcl ep. V (foto ACME)

AC52843-JŽ Bcl ep. V (foto ACME)

ACME 52457 – JŽ couchette car type Bautzen

ACME introduced a H0 model of JŽ couchette car type Bautzen on the toyfair in Nürnbergu 2018. In former Yugoslavia  (SFRJ) existed only one such car. This car came in Yugoslavia in late 1980’s with some train under BDŽ (Bulgarian state railways) and was involved in the accident. The car was damaged so it was written of by BDŽ to be later repaired in the company Gredelj in Zagreb. It was in use on JŽ for some years and then it was scrapped (source forum malezeljeznice.net ).

This car is available from the begining of May 2018 for 40,50 EUR. You can order this car through webform in this website.

JŽ couchette car type Bautzen on Toyfair Nürnberg 2018

JZ Bclm 50 72 80 200-0, 1990 (from forum Male željeznice)

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