AlbertModell cars for transporting cereals

The Hungarian company AlbertModell is announcing a new series of freight cars for transporting cereals together with Romanian shop Trains Addicted. These cars are of type Tagps/Tadgs/Uagps/Uapps. In this series which should be available in the autumn 2022 there shall be cars from Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

The list of announced Hungarian and Slovakian freight cars with estimated price 40,83 EUR + tax:

  • 065005 H-MÁV Tagps, ep. VI, red
  • 065006 H-MÁVC Tagps, ep. VI, red
  • 065007 H-MÁV Tagps, ep. VI, gray
  • 065008 H-MÁVC Tagps, ep. VI, blue
  • 082001 SK-AXBSK Tadgs, ep. VI, brown
  • 082002 SK-AXBSK Tadgsm ep. VI, brown
  • 933029 SK-PSŽ Uagps ep. VI, green
  • 933030 SK-PSŽ Uagps ep. VI, green

The list of announced Romanian cars with estimated price 43,46 EUR + tax:

  • 933020 RO-CFR Uagps “InterAgro” ep. VI, orange
  • 933021 RO-RSCO Uagps RSCO ep. VI, green
  • 933022 RO-CFR Uagps “CFR MARFA” ep. VI, green
  • 933023 RO-CFR Uagps “CFR MARFA” ep. VI, green
  • 933024 RO-CFR Uagps “CEREALCOM DOLJ” ep. VI, green
  • 933025 RO-CFR Uagps “CEREALCOM DOLJ” ep. VI, green
  • 933026 RO-BAX Uapps “BAREXIM”ep. VI, blue/white
  • 933027 RO-CTV Uapps “CARGO TRANS VAGON” ep. VI, blue/white
  • 933028 RO-CTV Uapps “Cargill” ep. VI, white
  • 934003 RO-CFR Uapps “CFR MARFA” ep. VI, black

We accept preorders till friday, February 4th 2022.


AM 065005 H-MÁV Tagps 31 55 065 5044-3
AM 065006 H-MÁVC Tagps 31 55 065 5076-5
AM 065007 H-MÁV Tagps 31 55 065 5643-2
AM 065008 H-MÁVC Tagps-y 31 55 065 5091-4
AM 082001 SK-AXBSK Tadgs 33 56 0823 001-7
AM 082002 SK-AXBSK Tadgs 33 56 0823 008-2
AM 933020 RO-CFR Uagps 84 53 9332 835-4
AM 933021 RO-RSCO Uagps 33 53 9335 190-3
AM 933022 RO-CFR Uagps 31 53 9335 726-6
AM 933023 RO-CFR Uagps 31 53 9335 843-9
AM 933024 RO-CFR Uagps 31 53 9332 021-5
AM 933025 RO-CFR Uagps 31 53 9332 026-4
AM 933026 RO-BAX Uagps 33 53 9332 800-0
AM 933027 RO CTV Uagps 88 53 9336 618-6
AM 933028 RO CTV Uagps 33 53 9332 438-9
AM 933029 SK-PSZ Uagps 33 56 9336 006-7
AM 933030 SK-PSŽ Uagps 33 56 9335 302-1
AM 934003 RO-CFR Uapps 31 53 9341 027-1

AlbertModell freight cars type Eas/Eaos (2022)

Hungarian model train manufacturer AlbertModell just announced new freight cars (gondola type) in scale H0. These are of type Eas / Eaos, open freight cars with high sides. Mostly the liveries are put in epoche VI, some in ep. V so the revisions are after year 2000. Here is the list of these models:

  • AM500005 SK-TNTD Eas, “TENUTADO” in black (set of 2 cars 542019 and 542020)
  • 534003 MÁV Eaos brown (ep. V)
  • 534004 H-MÁV Eaos brown
  • 542021 CZ-NHTR Eas brown
  • 542022 SK-ZSSKC Eas brown
  • 542023 SK-PSŽ Eas green
  • 542024 MÁV Eas-y brown (ep. V)
  • 542025 H-MÁV Eas-y brown
  • 595008 H-ČDC Eas gray
  • 597009 PL-PROT Eas “PROTOR“, green
  • 597010 PL-INKOM Eas blue
  • 597011 GYSEV Eas brown (ep. V)
  • 597012 GYSEV Eas brown, another number (ep. V)

Estimated price per car should be 32,75 EUR + VAT, for set 65,5 EUR + VAT. We are gathering pre-orders for these models until friday January 14th 2022 evening (inclusive). They should be on the market in Q3 of year 2022. For pre-orders please contact us using webform on these pages or usual e-mails found on these pages.


AM 534003 MÁV Eaos, ep. V


AM 597012 Gysev Eas ep. V


AM 597011 Gysev Eas ep. V




AM 597009 PL-PROT Eas “Protor”


AM 595008 H-ČDC Eas


AM 542025 H-MÁV Eas-y


AM 542024 MÁV Eas-y, ep. V


AM 542023 SK-PSŽ Eas


AM 542022, SK-ZSSKC Eas


AM 542021, CZ-NHTR, Eas


AM 542020 SK-TNTD Eas (set 500005)


AM 542019 SK-TNTD Eas (set 500005)


AM 534004 H-MÁV Eaos

AlbertModell tank cars JŽ / HŽCAR / ŽFBH… batch 3

Earlier today we received an email from hungarian factory AlbertModell that in the 4th quartal of 2021 there shall be a new series of tank cars in H0 scale. In this batch there shall be some models from the republics of former Yugoslavia as well as some models from Czech and Slovak republic. Below is the list of these models and the livery drawings of them:

  • AM700001 – set JŽ Uahrrs-z PETROL ZŽTP Ljubljana ep. IV (vagona 748001 in 748002)  
  • AM700002 – set CZ-RYKO Zas “MOGUL” ep. VI  (vagona 785007 in785008)
  • AM785009 – BIH-ŽFBH Zas-z ep. VI, Zas-z
  • AM788008 – CZ-AWTR Zaes ep. VI
  • AM788009 – SK-LRL Zaes ep. VI
  • AM788010 – HR-HŽCAR Zaes-z ep. VI (druga številka kot v 1. seriji)
  • AM790005 – MÁV .Zakks ep. V

The prices should be similar to the current batch, so the set shall cost around 98 EUR while single model around 48 EUR. We are already accepting (pre)orders through contact form on this site or our e-mail until March 30th, 2021.


AM748001 JŽ Uahrrs-z Petrol
AM748001 JŽ Uahrrs-z Petrol


AM748002 JŽ Uahrrs-z "Petrol"
AM748002 JŽ Uahrrs-z “Petrol”
AM785007 CZ-Ryko Zas "Mogul"
AM785007 CZ-Ryko Zas “Mogul”
AM785008 CZ-Ryko Zas "Mogul"
AM785008 CZ-Ryko Zas “Mogul”
AM785009 BIH-ŽFBH Zas-z-z
AM785009 BIH-ŽFBH Zas-z-z
AM788008 CZ-AWTR Zaes
AM788008 CZ-AWTR Zaes
AM788009 SK-LRL Zaes
AM788009 SK-LRL Zaes
AM788010 HR-HŽCAR Zaes-z
AM788010 HR-HŽCAR Zaes-z
AM790005 MÁV .Zakks
AM790005 MÁV .Zakks


AlbertModell Tagps/Uagps grain transport cars

The Hungarian company AlbertModell is presenting new models for autumn 2021 in H0 scale. These are models for transporting grains made in Romania. Naturally majority of these cars are in use in Romania but they are greatly in use by Rail Cargo Hungaria company. The hungarian cars are frequently passing Slovenia and Croatia, going to either Italy or Hungary. Occasionally one can see also Romanian cars in our countries.

Models shall be made from ABS plastic with fine details, on top of it is a platvorm which shall be made from etched brass. The final price shall be around 45-50 EUR and we accept preorders until the end of February 2021.

The models for year 2021 are:

934002 RO-CFR Uapps “CFR MARFA”, ep. VI
934001 RO-CFR Uapps “CFR MARFA”, ep. VI
933019 RO-CFR Uagps “CFR MARFA”, ep. VI
933018 RO-CFR Uagps “CFR MARFA”, ep. VI
933017 RO-RSCO Uagps “Rolling Stock”, ep. VI
933016 RO-RSCO Uagps “Rolling Stock”, ep. VI
933015 RO-CFR Uagps “InterAgro”, ep VI
933014 RO-CFR Uagps “InterAgro”, ep VI
AM065004 H-RCH Tagps, ep. VI
AM065003 H-RCH Tagps, ep. VI
065002 H-RCH Tagps, ep. VI
065001 H-RCH Tagps ep. VI


RO-RSCO Uagps 33 53 9334 140-9, 2011-10-15, Hodos Slovenija (foto Goran Brumen)


H-RCH Tagps 31 55 0655 695-2, 2017-07-08, Ljubljana (Foto Goran Brumen)


H-RCH Tagps Ljubljana
H-RCH Tagps 31 55 0655 136-7, 2017-07-08, Ljubljana (Foto Goran Brumen)


AlbertModell SLO-SŽ Zas set / JŽ, SRB-ŽS Zaes tank cars

Hungarian model company AlbertModell has announced a new batch of tank cars type Goša Zas/Zaes in scale H0. The models from this batch should come to the market at the end of August 2020 and in this batch there shall be models:

  • JŽ Zaes in black and white livery (ep. 5)
  • SRB-ŽS in brown-white livery (ep. 6)
  • Set of 2 SLO-SŽ Zas tank cars in silver-black livery (ep. 6)
  • New number of MÁV Envirochem (ep. 5)
  • New number for H-MMV
  • Tank cars for ŽSR, ČD

The price of each model is 49,90 EUR and 99,50 EUR for set (SLO-SŽ Zas). The models should arrive in october. Unfortunately we do not accept orders anymore.

SRB-ŽS Zaes 31 72 7880 406-5 (za prevoz melase)

JŽ Zaes 31 72 788 0 908-0 (za prevoz melase)

SLO-SŽ Zas 35 79 7850 002-7

SLO-SŽ Zas 35 79 7850 206-4

AlbertModell tank cars HŽ, JŽ, ČSD, ČDC, MÁV, ZSSKC

AlbertModell 788002 HR-HŽCAR Zaes ep 6

Hungarian model company AlbertModell notified us of releasing new models in scale H0. These are tank cars type Zaes (Yugoslav production) painted in liveries of JŽ (ep. 5), HR-HŽCAR (ep. 6), ČSD (ep. 4), CZ-ČDC (ep 6), SK-ZSSKC (ep. 6), MÁV (ep 5) and H-MMV (ep. 6). Estimated price of a model is 50 EUR and they should be available in june 2020. We already accept preorders.

AlbertModell 788001 CD-ČDC Zaes ep 6
AlbertModell 788001 CD-ČDC Zaes ep 6


AlbertModell 785001 ČSD Zaes ep 4
AlbertModell 785001 ČSD Zas ep 4

AlbertModell model of Goša tank car Zas/Zaes

We got announcement from AlbertModell for a H0 model of tank car of Yugoslavian type. These tank cars were built in a company Goša from Smederevska Palanka in nowadays Serbia. The basis was polish tank car type 29R which is somewhat shorter (12,80 m instead of 13,24 m) and with lower capacity (48 m3 instead of 60 m3). Goša tank cars’ came at the Yugoslavian railways in the 1960’s as type Uahrrs-z which were later recoded as types Zas and Zaes. Many of these cars are still in use in all republics of former Yugoslavia. A lot of these cars were exported to Czechoslovakia so You can see them in nowadays Czech and Slovak republic. 

At start AlbertModell plans to prepare models for Czech and Slovakian market but the intention is also to release models of cars which are in nowadays use in republics of former Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia (ŽFBH) and of course also models from JŽ period in epoch IV.

AlbertModell and we are collecting the interest and preorders for these models. Of course the most interesting models for Yugoslavian market are as follows:

  • JŽ Uahrrs-z Ep. IVa
  • JŽ Zas-z and JŽ Zaes-z from Ep. IVb, IVc
  • JŽ Zas-z and JŽ Zaes-z from Ep. V (Yugoslavia after 1991)
  • SŽ Zas-z, SŽ Zaes, SLO-SŽ Zas, SLO-SŽ Zaes
  • HŽ Zas and HŽ Zaes (only with ladders at sides)
  • ŽS Zas, ŽS Zaes, SRB-ŽS Zas-z, SRB-ŽS Zaes-z (Ep. VI)
  • ŽFBH Zas-z

Estimated final price of the models shall be 50 EUR. In the behalf of AlbertModell we would like to ask You to inform us on a e-mail or webform on this website which models are interesting for You and You would like to buy.


SLO-SŽ Zas 35 79 7850 224-7, Ljubljana, 17. jun. 2018
SŽ Zaes-z 35 79 788 0 047 6, Pragersko, 8. sept. 2017
HR-HŽCAR Zaes-z 31 78 7880 138-8, 4. mar. 2018
SRB-ŽS Zaes-z 31 72 7880 961-9, 2014

AlbertModell SLO-SŽ Himrrs

Slovenian railroads, freight divisions have recently acquired some freight wagons for paletized goods with sliding side doors. They permanently coupled together two cars together so they got one Himrrs type car from two Hbbillns cars (see article AlbertModell Hbbins/Hbbillns).

We agreed with AlbertModell to prepare limited quantity of these models which should be available by the end of 2019. The price for this car (actually 2 cars) is 80 EUR and we already accept preorders. Please contact us through webform on this site or send us an e-mail.

(Model is sold out)

SLO-SŽ Himrrs, Zalog, 15.jun.2018, photo Veno Lang (photo of similar cars)
AlbertModell SLO-SŽ Himrrs

AlbertModell Hbbins/Hbbillns

Company AlbertModell announced the availability of H0 model of 2 axle freight car with sliding doors for transport of palletized goods. These cars were firstly bought by swiss company AAE which are known to lease their cars. Some of these cars also visit Slovenia and Croatia. In the spring the cars PKP Hbbins shall be available followed with CZ-ČDC Hbbillns, SK-ZSSKC Hbbins and H-GYC Hbbillns later this year.

The price for these cars are 40 EUR per piece and we already accept preorders.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AlbertModell-livery-245010-1200x340.png
AlbertModell PKP Hbbins 246 9203-3
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AlbertModell-livery-245013-1200x340.png
AlbertModell CZ-ČDC Hbbillns 2457 060-8
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AlbertModell-livery-245014-1200x340.png
AlbertModell H-GYC Hbbillns 2458 248
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AlbertModell-livery-246001-1200x340.png
AlbertModell SK-ZSSKC Hbbins 2469 807-6

AlbertModell new models may 2017

AlbertModell announces three new sets freight car models in scale H0 of types Eaos/Eas/Eas-y. The price of each set is 80 EUR.

Set CZ-ZXCBZ Eas 33 54 5965 080-0 and 33 54 5965 096-3

AlbertModell set CZ-ZXCBZ Eas AxBenet

Set SK-PSŽ Eas 33 56 5423 491-3 and 33 56 5423 518-3

AlbertModell SK-PSŽ Eas PSŽ a.s

Set CZ NHTR Eas 33 54 5423 483-2 and 33 54 5423 449-3

AlbertModell set CZ NHTR Eas (NH Trans)