About selling the models

You can (pre)order and buy model railway products from the following manufacturers and distributors:

  • AlbertModell (Hungarian manufacturer, we are official distributor)
  • ACME (Italian manufacturer)
  • Blackstar distributions (the daughter company from ACME), which is distributor for the following companies: 
  • Artitec
  • Auhagen
  • Heki
  • Lenz
  • Liliput
  • Makette
  • Minitrains
  • NME
  • PECO
  • Preiser
  • Proses
  • REE
  • Tillig
  • VK Modelle
  • Wiking
  • Woodland scenics

The nature of the shop is sales by ordering via e-mail, web form on this pages and condionally by Messenger. There is possibility to contact us in person on flee market which is usually held in museum of Slovenian railways in Ljubljana, Parmova street in spring. We usually do not have any models on stock but if they are, they are published on these pages (see Models on stock page).

Terms of sale are published on separate pages “Terms & Conditions” published here.