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ESU news 2023

We continue coopeartion with ESU company in year 2023. They have announced some news for the year 2023.

The biggest news with the models is model of shunting locomotive Deutz KG230 in H0 scale. You can read more about this locomotive on ESU’s dedicated website , suggested price for the loco is 459 EUR with tax included. As it is usual with ESU locomotive it is also equipped with LokSound decoder, smoke generator and many other refinments usual to ESU locomotives.

In spring 2023 they shall release shunter DB V60 in Deutche Post (German post) livery.

Amongst other models ESU also sells various freight and passenger cars. This year they shall continue with new liveries for the Silberinge passenger cars as usual cars as well as steering cars..

In the field of the DCC decoders the news is new LokSound 5 nano with E24 interface for use in scales N and TT. Finally in the small scale users can get same amounts of connections as in scale H0 (like PluX22 and 21 MTC). E24 is smaller interface than Next18 and has more pins.

Catalogues and pricelists are available directly on ESU’s website , the catalogue is also available on our website. Unfortunatelly due to the inflation from february 2022 some products have new higher prices starting from February 1st, 2023.

ESU digital train control

With the begining of february 2022 we became oficial retailer for german company ESU – Electronic Solutions Ulm. ESU is german company established in 1999 and till today it become famous with the producst for digital control of model trains. Most famous products are digital decoders LokPilot and digital decoders with sound LokSound. These decoders availabe in sizes to fit so small models as in N system to normal systems TT and H0 and even bigger support all currently known protocols: DCC, M4/mfx, Motorola (MM), Selectrix (SX). They are equipped with all kinds of connectors: standard 8-pin NEM652, PluX22, 21MTC, Next18 and they are also available also with wires only. Of course the company offers also digital centrals (ECoS), mobile controllers, switch decoders, signal decoders and so on.

Amongst all above the company offers also high quality models which they are not only beautiful and precision made, they offer also many digital candies like cabin and interior lighting, smoke units (diesel locos), electricaly movable pantographs (electric locos) and so on.

All the products can be seen in catalogues on their website: catalogue in german , catalogue in english (US) and pricelist for 2022

Many of digital decoders and other add ons for digital control are on stock. We offer possibility to program the LokSound decoders with stock sounds and assistance with installing the decoders.


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