Hungarian model railway manufacturer AlbertModell just announced new models of gondola cars of type Eas/Eaos. The models should be available in thrid quarter of 2023, the price per model is around 41,00 EUR with Slovenian tax (22%). The models are as below:

  • AM534005 CZ-ZXBCZ Eaos, grey, ep. VI,
  • AM534006 PL-PCCRB Eaos, red, ep. VI,
  • AM542026 CZ-NHTR Eas  “BUDAMAR“, ep. VI,
  • AM542027 D-NACCO Eas, brown, ep. VI,
  • AM542028 SK-PSZ Eas, green, ep. VI,
  • AM542029 SK-TNTD Eas, “TENUTADO“, black, ep. VI,
  • AM595019 H-CDC Eas, grey, ep. VI,
  • AM595020 H-LTB Eas, »LOKO trans«, red, ep. VI,
  • AM597018 PL-PKPC Eas, “PKP cargo“, blue, ep. VI,
  • AM597019 PL-PTKR Eaos “PTK“, ep. VI,
  • AM597020 PL-PTKR Eaos “PTK“, another number, ep. VI,
  • AM597021 PL-SZR Eas “SZR“, blue, ep. VI,
  • AM597022 PL-REKOM Eas, “RKM“, blue, ep. VI,
  • AM597023 PL-PROT Eas “PROTOR“, blue, ep. VI,
  • AM597027 PKP  Eas, green-blue, ep. VI,
  • AM595014 MÁV Eas, brown, ep. V,
  • AM595015 MÁV Eas, brown, ep. V

We already accept preorders for these models. Please send Your preorder until tuesday, March 14, 2023 midnight. After that we can not guarantee deliveries.

AM 542027 D-NACCO Eas 37-80-5421-091-9
AM595020 H-LTB Eas-31-55-5950-010-5-LokoTrans
AM597018 PL-PKPC Eas 82-51-597-8-931-3
AM597022 PL-REKOM Eas 84-51-5977-950-1
AM597019 PL-PTKR Eaos 83-51-5977-867-8
AM597021 SK-PSZ Eas 33-56-5423-494-7 “PSŽ a.s.”
AM595019 H-ČDC Eas 31-55-5958-027-1
AM597020 PL-PTKR Eaos 83 51 5977 895-0
AM597027 PKP Eas 84 51 597 2021-6
AM597021 PL-SZR Eas 33-51-5977-979-2
AM542026 CZ-NHTR Eas 33-54-5423-429-5 “Budamar Group2
AM597023 PL-PROT Eas 84-51-5979-072-2 “PROTOR s.a.”
AM594029 SK-TNTD Eas 33-56-5423-259-4 “TENUTADO”
AM595015 MÁV .Eas 31-55-595-2511-0
AM595014 MÁV .Eas 82-55-595-2029-1
AM534006 PL-PCCRB Eaos 84-51-5348308-4
AM534005 CZ-ZXBCZ Eaos 33-54-5340-434-5