Hungarian model train manufacturer AlbertModell just announced new freight cars (gondola type) in scale H0. These are of type Eas / Eaos, open freight cars with high sides. Mostly the liveries are put in epoche VI, some in ep. V so the revisions are after year 2000. Here is the list of these models:

  • AM500005 SK-TNTD Eas, “TENUTADO” in black (set of 2 cars 542019 and 542020)
  • 534003 MÁV Eaos brown (ep. V)
  • 534004 H-MÁV Eaos brown
  • 542021 CZ-NHTR Eas brown
  • 542022 SK-ZSSKC Eas brown
  • 542023 SK-PSŽ Eas green
  • 542024 MÁV Eas-y brown (ep. V)
  • 542025 H-MÁV Eas-y brown
  • 595008 H-ČDC Eas gray
  • 597009 PL-PROT Eas “PROTOR“, green
  • 597010 PL-INKOM Eas blue
  • 597011 GYSEV Eas brown (ep. V)
  • 597012 GYSEV Eas brown, another number (ep. V)

Estimated price per car should be 32,75 EUR + VAT, for set 65,5 EUR + VAT. We are gathering pre-orders for these models until friday January 14th 2022 evening (inclusive). They should be on the market in Q3 of year 2022. For pre-orders please contact us using webform on these pages or usual e-mails found on these pages.


AM 534003 MÁV Eaos, ep. V


AM 597012 Gysev Eas ep. V


AM 597011 Gysev Eas ep. V




AM 597009 PL-PROT Eas “Protor”


AM 595008 H-ČDC Eas


AM 542025 H-MÁV Eas-y


AM 542024 MÁV Eas-y, ep. V


AM 542023 SK-PSŽ Eas


AM 542022, SK-ZSSKC Eas


AM 542021, CZ-NHTR, Eas


AM 542020 SK-TNTD Eas (set 500005)


AM 542019 SK-TNTD Eas (set 500005)


AM 534004 H-MÁV Eaos