Month: February 2021

B-Models news for 2021

Belgian model railways company B-Models has sent us a catalogue with news for 2021. ou can take a look at the catalogue on this website under “Models (Shop)-Catalogues”. Most of the models (those that weren’t already sold at manufacturer) can be preordered with us.

Prices for the models in the catalogue are as follows:

  • Sgns + tankcontainer (container cars):   64,90 EUR
  • Sgns + 30ft bulk container (container cars):  64,90 EUR
  • Sgmrrss90 (two part container cars): 98,90 EUR
  • Tank cars (Euro tank): 69,50 EUR
  • Tads-sets of 3 cars: 169,90 EUR

Catalogue B-Models 2021 part 1

AlbertModell Tagps/Uagps grain transport cars

The Hungarian company AlbertModell is presenting new models for autumn 2021 in H0 scale. These are models for transporting grains made in Romania. Naturally majority of these cars are in use in Romania but they are greatly in use by Rail Cargo Hungaria company. The hungarian cars are frequently passing Slovenia and Croatia, going to either Italy or Hungary. Occasionally one can see also Romanian cars in our countries.

Models shall be made from ABS plastic with fine details, on top of it is a platvorm which shall be made from etched brass. The final price shall be around 45-50 EUR and we accept preorders until the end of February 2021.

The models for year 2021 are:


934002 RO-CFR Uapps “CFR MARFA”, ep. VI


934001 RO-CFR Uapps “CFR MARFA”, ep. VI


933019 RO-CFR Uagps “CFR MARFA”, ep. VI


933018 RO-CFR Uagps “CFR MARFA”, ep. VI


933017 RO-RSCO Uagps “Rolling Stock”, ep. VI


933016 RO-RSCO Uagps “Rolling Stock”, ep. VI


933015 RO-CFR Uagps “InterAgro”, ep VI


933014 RO-CFR Uagps “InterAgro”, ep VI


AM065004 H-RCH Tagps, ep. VI


AM065003 H-RCH Tagps, ep. VI


065002 H-RCH Tagps, ep. VI


065001 H-RCH Tagps ep. VI


RO-RSCO Uagps 33 53 9334 140-9, 2011-10-15, Hodos Slovenija (foto Goran Brumen)


H-RCH Tagps 31 55 0655 695-2, 2017-07-08, Ljubljana (Foto Goran Brumen)


H-RCH Tagps Ljubljana

H-RCH Tagps 31 55 0655 136-7, 2017-07-08, Ljubljana (Foto Goran Brumen)


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