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The passenger car of type Baat is a typical two axle passenger car which existed on the railways of former Yugoslavia in numerous variants. They were typicaly present in trains for local railways, eg. Ljubljana-Kamnik, Celje-Rogatec, Jesenice-Nova Gorica etc. In the begining they had wooden benches that they were later upholstered. Since they were far from comfortable they got nickname “texas cars” but they were reliable. The heating at the start was using the steam and later also electric. After the disentegration of Yugoslavia they were in use by Slovenian state railways (SŽ) until the begining of 1990’s where they soon were replaced with other more modern passenger cars as well as DMU’s. The latest were used on railway Jesenice-Nova Gorica, painted in withe with rainbow stripes, so called canaries.

The model represents a 15,50 m long variant from early 1990’s with upholstered benches with compartments for smokers and nonsmokers, aisle along the car and a toilet. The model is made from ABS plastic, metal wheels, details under the frame, interior and NEM cinematics. Model is painted and prints are made using fine tampo print. Everything is made in Slovenia and the model shall be available in spring 2020, estimated price should be 67 EUR.

You can order the model directly at Klub Baat as well with us.

SŽ Baat

SŽ Baat, 7.dec.1992, Maribor (Foto Rolf Wiemann)
SŽ Baat, 7.dec.1992, Maribor (Foto Rolf Wiemann)