In train consists there were caboose car that were used for transfering mail, special cargo and trains accompanying staff. In the train, either freight, either passenger there was usually one such car. These cars had metal frames and wooden body until 1970’s when the full metal cars appeared. The H0 model of such car, namely JŽ Dt 50068 that Klub Baat shall release this year is based on photos from the 1960’s thus it belongs to the epoche 3. The basis of this car is german Pwg 14.

The model is made from ABS plastic with metal wheels, kinematics, fine details under the frame, opening slide doors and fine tampo print. You can order the model at Klub Baat as well as with us.

Klub Baat JZ Dt 50068
Klub Baat JŽ Dt 50068