The train Mostar-Dalmacija express was one of many international trains that was connecting western Europe and former Yugoslavia. The route was Kardeljevo (nowadays Ploče, Croatia) – Stuttgart and had designation D296 and D297 on return trip from Germany. The train in 1989 consisted of 11 passenger cars mostly with home stations from Bosnia and Herzegovina. They had characteristic blue skirt. 

ACME announces 2 sets with 3 cars which should be on sale from November 2019. Estimated price od each set is 190 EUR and we already accept preorders.

Set 55237 consists of:

  • Couchette car
  • Car with 2nd class seats
  • Sleeping car

Set 55238 consists of:

  • Car with 1st+2nd class seats
  • Couchette car
  • Car with 2nd class seats of type Z2

ACME 55237,55238 Mostar-Dalmacija
ACME 55237,55238 Mostar-Dalmacija set, prototype