AlbertModell has prepared a limited series of repainted H0 models of RoLa freight cars with designation HŽ Saadkms-z. Available are cars with numbers 81 78 4982 007-8 and 81 78 4982 015-1.  In real life these cars were travelling across European countries together with similar MÁV cars which are also available. The basis of these cars are Fleischmann cars like 5275. These models shall be  available in second half of May 2017.


Unfortunatelly we don’t accept any more orders, all the models are sold out.

HŽ Saadkms-z 007-8

HŽ Saadkms-z 007-8 detajl

HŽ Saadkms-z 015-1

HŽ Saadkms-z 015-1 detajl